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A documentary movie about a festival
in which I took part as a curator / artist

In November 2018, a group of artists from Poland, Brazil, Spain, the Netherlands and Australia met in Taiwan to create sculptures and paint the walls of buildings as if they were their canvases to beautify the lives and surroundings of the inhabitants of this island. I participated in this festival as a curator and artist, having initiated the idea for this event, overseeing the process and creating my sculpture inside a sculpture park set up specially for this project.

To learn about how the organization of this venture looked like, what relationships were formed between the homeowners and the artists, the difficulties associated with the language and culture barrier, and finally about the results of their work, watch the documentary by Kuba Goździewicz, who documented this art meeting for the entire month within both the urban spaces and nearby villages.

Director of the documentary: Kuba Goździewicz Webpage:

Artists: Robert Seikon, Daniel ChazmeColectivo Muda, Bartek Pener Świątecki, Zacharias ZedzMaciej Boszkov, Bartosz Janczak, Adrian Doyle

Organizers: Tainan City Cultural Affairs Bureau, National Taipei University of Education and Sonder Foundation

Sponsors:  Tainan City Cultural Affairs Bureau, National Taipei University of Education, Netherlands Trade and Investment Office in Taipei (NTIO), Polish Office in Taipei, RIF Trust and Sonder Foundation

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