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Bartosz Janczak - born 27th of June 1984 - is a sculptor, curator and designer from Poland. He's traveling around the world since twenty years and currently living in the island of Luzon in The Phillipines. After spending ten years in the field of design, working for some of the best advertising agencies and most renowned brands in the world, he decided to follow his heart and become an artist.

His abstract structures are inspired by military defense structures, brutalist architecture and eastern bloc monuments. They have an aggressive appearance and seem as if they tear apart the air with their edges, other times they appear bonded in a deadlock. The purpose of his art is to save the cultural heritage of the urban past, blend it with contemporary social issues, and receive a vision of the future at the  nish of the creative process.


You can find his sculptures in various countries Spain, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, China, and Taiwan. Bartosz is also a co-founder of the Sonder Foundation, an organization supporting and promoting the activities of abstract contemporary artists.

Curriculum Vitae


“STARIUM.CX Multidiscxplinary Design Capsule Launch” / Warsaw, Poland

“Contemporary Art / Urban Art” / Group Show at Desa Unicum Warsaw / Poland

“Urban Art Area 3” / Group Show at Leonarda Art Gallery - Warsaw / Poland

“Small is beautiful” / Group Show at Leonarda Art Gallery - Warsaw / Poland


“Encore” group exhibition at Mirus Gallery -  Los Angeles / USA

“RETRANSMISSION_” group exhibition at Mirus Gallery - Denver

“Flower Power” Sculpture Commission in front of The Museum of Modern Art
    in Warsaw / Poland



“Sculpture Laboratory” group exhibition at ToTuArt - Centrum Praskie Koneser -
   Warsaw / Poland

• “Sculpture and Spatial Forms Exhibition”, Pragaleria, Warsaw / Poland

 • Joint Exhibition at Museu d'Arquitectura i Urbanisme "Josep Mas Dordal”,

    Almacelles / Spain

 •  3rd Edition of Sculpture Park d’EuropaAlmacelles / Spain

 •  "Muestra Internacional de Arte Abstracto”, ImaginArte Gallery, Barcelona / Spain


 •  Art Residency at The Art Department of National Taipei University of Education

    (NTUE), Taipei / Taiwan

 •  "Karosta Festival", Liepaja / Latvia

 •  Cooper Leg Art Residency, Vaskjala / Estonia


 •  “Ar/t /chitecture Art Festival", Tainan / Taiwan

 •  “New Order” Group Show at ToTuArt - Centrum Praskie Koneser, Warsaw / Poland



 •  “Unknown Pleasures" Abstract Art Festival, Taipei / Taiwan

 •  “Paradise Garage” Solo Exhibition, G11ery, London / UK

 •  "Traffic Art Festival", Gdynia / Poland



 •  Solo Exhibition at Craft Mnl, Manila / Philippines

 •  Lyric Installations Festival, Gdansk / Poland


 •  “Typoets in Viuro”, Collective exhibition, Warsaw / Poland

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