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Large format outdoor and indoor sculptures

Investing in outdoor sculpture is a great move for developers, hotels, restaurants, and corporations because it significantly enhances the aesthetic appeal of their premises, making them more attractive to customers and visitors. A striking sculpture serves as a powerful landmark, creating a visually engaging environment that draws people in and encourages them to spend more time in the area. This increased foot traffic can lead to higher patronage for businesses, boosting sales and revenue while fostering a stronger sense of community and local pride.


For businesses, an outdoor sculpture is also a strategic marketing tool that sets them apart from competitors. It enhances brand visibility and reputation by creating a memorable and unique identity. For hotels and restaurants, it can attract more guests and diners, while for corporations, it projects an image of cultural and social responsibility. This investment not only elevates the business's profile but also contributes to customer loyalty and long-term profitability, making it a wise and impactful choice.

Small format sculptures for interior decoration

Small sculptures in modern interiors bring high profits to businesses by enhancing their spaces' aesthetic appeal, making them attractive to customers and clients. These sculptures create a sophisticated atmosphere that draws people in, encouraging them to spend more time and funds. For restaurants and hotels, this can lead to increased patronage and higher revenue, while for offices and corporations, it leaves a lasting impression on clients and partners, boosting the company's reputation and success.

Sculptures improve the quality of work for employees by creating an inspiring environment. A well-designed space enhances morale and productivity, leading to better performance and job satisfaction. Investing in indoor sculptures is a strategic move for developers, hotels, restaurants, and offices, as it distinguishes the business, enhances brand perception, and fosters a positive atmosphere. This investment leads to increased customer loyalty, higher profitability, and a more motivated workforce, making it a smart choice for any business.


Architectural outdoor and indoor planters

Investing in architectural plant pots is a great choice for developers, city parks, public spaces, hotels, restaurants, and offices because they significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal and ambiance of any environment. These planters add a touch of nature and elegance to interiors and exteriors, creating inviting and visually pleasing spaces. Attractive plant displays can draw in more customers to hotels and restaurants, while in public spaces and city parks, they create a greener, more welcoming atmosphere that encourages community engagement.


Moreover, incorporating plant pots into business and public settings promotes well-being and productivity. Greenery can reduce stress, improve air quality, and boost mood, leading to higher job satisfaction and efficiency among employees. For corporations and offices, this means a more motivated workforce. For developers and public planners, well-placed art piece can increase property values and enhance the community's quality of life. Ultimately, this investment beautifies spaces and fosters a healthier, more enjoyable environment for everyone.

Unique furniture in minimal/architectural style

Investing in unique architectural furniture is a great choice for interior designers, city parks, public spaces, hotels, restaurants, shop displays and offices because it transforms spaces into visually striking and memorable environments. Architectural furniture combines functionality with artistic design, creating practical and eye-catching pieces. For businesses like hotels and restaurants, this enhances the guest experience, making spaces more inviting and increasing revenue.


This furniture also contributes to a cohesive aesthetic that reflects

the brand's identity. For interior designers, offering bespoke pieces sets them apart from competitors. In public spaces and city parks, it creates engaging areas that foster community pride. For offices, distinctive furniture improves employee morale and productivity. Ultimately, this investment elevates both the visual and functional quality of a space, enhancing the overall experience.

B.Janczak x STARIUM.CX - Chaise lounge bench -- Brutalism EditionPart of the capsule colle
Inverted relief which I posted earlier. Never been happy from the photo, so decided to mak

Wall hung reliefs

Investing in wall-hung art is a smart choice for interior designers, hotels, restaurants, and offices because it enhances the visual appeal and ambiance of any space. Art adds character, transforming bland walls into focal points that evoke emotions and stimulate conversation. For hotels and restaurants, this creates a memorable guest experience, encouraging repeat visits and positive reviews. In corporate offices, well-chosen art impresses clients and partners, reinforcing the company's brand identity.


Moreover, wall-hung art improves the work environment for employees by promoting creativity and reducing stress. Art's positive psychological effects can enhance mood and productivity. By investing in art, businesses show a commitment to a culturally rich and engaging workspace, boosting employee morale and job satisfaction. Ultimately, wall-hung art is a strategic investment that enhances both the aesthetic and functional quality of a space, benefiting the business and its visitors.

Other applications

Although I am primarily a sculptor working in volume, I enjoy applying my skills to various other creative fields, such as clothing, or applied arts. The principles of form and balance that guide my sculptural work translate seamlessly into fashion and other expressions, allowing me to create fresh and innovative pieces in my unique style that simply stand out.


I am always open to new ideas and collaborations, embracing opportunities to expand my artistic horizons. Whether it's designing a custom piece of wearable art or incorporating sculptural elements into other fields, I find great satisfaction in exploring different mediums and pushing the boundaries of my creativity.


If you appreciate my work or have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm always happy to discuss my projects and provide any additional information you need. Your interest is greatly valued, and I look forward to the opportunity to connect with you soon!

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