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“The Dancer”
Shenzhen / China

Commission I did for my friend’s garden in Zhuhai

This project was a commission I worked on in April 2019 in Shenzhen, China. I made this sculpture for my friend’s garden in Zhuhai - a city next to Macao. The name of this sculpture came from a dream my friend had whilst I was working on the project.


Just as with my other projects, before arriving to China I approved the final shape and prepared all the surfaces to be cut out with a laser cutter by a local steel factory before my arrival. The delivery was sent to my friend’s offices, where we matched and revised all the pieces. Unfortunately, one of the pieces was faulty and we had to ask for it to be cut once again.

When all the pieces were ready, we rented a workshop and hired a local professional welder, who connected everything together. I monitored the whole process, making sure all the elements were assembled in the right order, while my Hong Kong friend captured everything through his camera lens.

The photoshoot came out great, as the place had a nice dim ambience inside. This, combined with all the metal work, welding, grinding, and all the sparkling light effects, made it look spectacular.


As the next step we sent it to the painting company. I have to admit I was very happy to see the results – no wonder, since the coating was made in the same place sculptures of Jeff Koons, Anish Kapoor and Takashi Murakami are painted. The piece in white looks outstanding.

The sculpture is now waiting to be installed, as my friend is still finishing up his new house. In the meantime, we took a few pictures inside the local garden. Up to this day this work remains one of my favourite pieces.

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